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Advance IT students Projects

Online Advertising Agency
Description: The project entitled “Online Advertising Agency” the main aim of the project is to provide live advertisements with the users selected images and content. Users are allowed to give their company info and navigation links to make available on the main website home page that is linked over the Internet. Though which we can increase the number of users to catching the domain for their transaction. The main theme is to provide advertisement in form of text, images, story, animations, Banners and all for the kids as well as for the company’s. Customers can choose the media types for the advertisements to be registered.

1. Television
2. News paper
3. Magazines
4. Billboard (Banners) with location map.
5. Radio.
6. Internet.
7. Theater.

The process of making the advertisement is little because we are going to provide the execution environment for the end users to select the available templates in which the users can easily create their advertisement based on the Media Types (News Paper, Radio, Television, Banners etc).
This project deals with the multi level ad generating and content linking of the specific company’s and their overall products demonstration. In this project we are going to provide the administration capability’s like web monitoring which helps the website management to control the amount of space need for the each users for the purpose of story animations and distributed advertisements generation.
The process of animations can be done with the help of flash, ad rotator, content linker component. These animated files can be stored as a template in the user web space. All the story content is arranged in the temporary buffer area and they are transferred to the user login.
In User level uploading and downloading service for the story files, each user is allowed to upload the contents from their local machine to the server machine with the help of the uploading block service which is usually named as FTP operation. Downloading option are enabled to use the log reports and transaction key information in from of encoded xml format.
Dynamic advertisement generations services for generating the advertisement based on the user selected template for displaying their content on the home page based on the scheduling polices.
The administration capabilities to the website management with the Enhancive support of previewing the overall users and their web space and controlling the security by changing their web space folder attributes.
1.Download the .rar file and extract it
2.Double click on the solution file and open the project in Visual Studio .net the Web Config File and move to tag where you will see the below connection string
4.SQl Sever autentication is used you need to provide user ID and Password to access the SQL Server.
add key="ConnectionString" value="server=SUTHAHAR-PC\SQLEXPRESS;database=sample;user id=sa;pwd=xxxx" /
4.Change the database,UserID and password.
5.Now run the project and view the output in browser.
Download the sql server DB backup Advertise_DB_Backup Download
New_DB_Backup Download
Technology: SQL,.NET

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