Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachelor of Computer Science Students Projects

Project Of The Fighter Game With source code
Description: This Is an The Fighter Game Vb.Net Project.By This Project The beginners can Learn How Vb.Net Games can Develop .

1:-It Runs On the desktop Without an window. 2:-It can Run on any Window while you are doing any thing.

Technology: Vb.Net

Mini Forum Web Application in ASP.NET/VB.NET
Description: Introduction :- Simple Mini Forum is a simple message board web based application which is developed in ASP.NET/VB.NET .It is very simple to use and configure this guide will help you to configure the site.
1st Step The Installation :-Once you run for the first time you will be automatically be redirected to the Installation page. Follow the simple steps given in the installation page to configure your site.
2nd Step The Admin Panel:-Once you have successfully completed the installation procedure you will be redirected to the Admin Login Page. Once you login you will be in the admin panel which will have some menus at the Left Side.
Add Category- Allows you to add new category in the Forum Delete Categories - Allows you to delete the selected category Edit Categories-Allows you to edit existing categories
Log Out :- Logs you out from Admin Panel. 3rd Step :- All configurations are over now you just need to register a user and start using the site. Features :-

1) Only Members are Allowed to Post Questions or Replies.
2) 1 point for every Question Asked and 2 Points for every replies.
3) Top Performers List Displayed in the Left Corner of the site.
And Many More... Conclusion:The Project is available with full source code and you can freely edit any part of the code at your will. Future Updates: I will not be updating the project any further because I will not have time.I will be working on a new project soon. If any one of you are intrested to update the applications I can assist you. Choose Me as your mentor for more Assistance.

Technology: ASP.NET,VB.NET

Sample Ajax Web site
Description: Here is an application to demonstrate how to use Ajax in our application. Before using this you need to install the Ajax control toolkit in your machine that can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft site that is here with the use of update panel we can avoid the post back. i have used 2 label in which one label shows the current time without post back..

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