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Students Best final year projects

A 2 player squirrel shooting game major project
Description : a 2 player squirrel shooting game VC++ Based major project Download with total code and abstract.Here we are providing you with Most of the topics describe modern technologies in various fields of science and engineering
Technology: System,VC++

Student Placement System using ASP.NET Project
Description : In this project I have developed a website where student, companies can register themselves. Companies can display info of exam to recruit guys, and user can apply to this exams.. results is displayed and studens are shortlisted.
Technology: System,ASP.NET 2.0, ASP.NET 3.5

patient information system
Description : The patient information system (PIS) system is a window based or stand alone application designed with C# to keep records of patient in and out of a clinic. it is also designed to keep records of staffs in the clinic and report generation is also available for hard copy documentation if needed
Technology: System,C#.NET
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WebCam-VideoCapture - VB.Net - Windows Application
Description : Extract the attached file and run the application in windows. Once you run this application a window will appear, then select your video source and double click on it. Click the Button Start Recording to recor your video, once you click Stop Recording Button then your recorded video will be saved in C:/ drive.
Technology: System,vb.NET
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voice based applications(version 2)
Description : The user interface enables u to import a text file .speak it out for u and also to save it (.wav file).
Technology: System,.NET
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SMS Pack
Description : In this product we can send SMS through PC. We can send a message using GSM mobile or GSM Modem. In this I handle three modules. They are..
• Send Message
• Receive Message
• Auto Reply (Two way communication)
• Mobile or GSM Modem
• Data Cable
First I connected the Mobile with PC using Data cable. Then make sure of Port number which is connected by Mobile. Go to My Computer ? Properties ? Hardware ? Device Manager ? Port This port number must be used to send or receive a SMS.
Send Message:
This module is used to send SMS to Destination Mobile. For that i’m allocating two fields. txtNumbet, txtMessage I used three important parameters which is used to connect with port. The parameters are Port, Baud Rate, Time out. Baud Rate and Time out are having fixed value as 9600 and 300 respectively. I stored the sent Items to Database too. Receive Message:
This module used to Display the unread new Message. For that i’m allocating two fields. txtNumbet, txtMessage. txtNumber is displaying source number and txtMesage is displaying the content of new message. Auto Reply:
This module is used for Two way communication. First I’m getting the input from Mobile like new Unread Message. Then I’m manipulating the input with Database and get the valid result from Database. Then Replied that content to Source number.
Technology: System,C#

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